Remote Monitoring Solutions

Collect the data you need to run your business efficiently

SureSensor Remote Monitoring Solutions monitors the data you need to solve your business’s challenges.

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Spend Time working on your Business, Not Recording

Streamlining data collection with Sure Sensor devices can provide time-saving value to your business. Enjoy the benefits of autonomous recording without sacrificing accuracy or time. 

Overhead Reduction

Streamline Operations

Real-Time Data Collection

Equipment Failure Prevention

Automate Manual Recording with just a few steps

Schedule Consultation

We will identify which devices best fit your needs. Our data sensors can monitor any asset, identifying any issues with the environment or equipment.

Install & Activate

Schedule a date for our certified technicians to visit your location for a full system installation and client dashboard activation.

Monitor & Record

Once our devices are activated, all data is tracked and sent to our centralized dashboard for further review and alerts.

Alerted & Notified

If an error occurs with the environment or equipment, our technicians are immediately alerted and sent out to resolve it.

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one centralized location for data

SensorHUB is our centralized monitoring dashboard that displays all measurement readings, allowing you to observe your operations instantly from anywhere!

Analytics dashboard

Real Time Data Analytics

Our analytics dashboard gives you real-time information on your operations so that when problems arise they are quickly identified and fixed before it becomes too costly or difficult to fix them later down the road.

SureSensor Mobile View From Hand

Alert Response Team

Critical Response Team

If you’re looking for a way to keep your hands free and make data analysis easier, then our Enterprise Solutions package is perfect. Let our team take on the responsibility of monitoring for you, live and in real-time so that your operations can run smoothly without any hiccups or issues coming up! We’re able to dispatch technicians out right away when something does go wrong which minimizes crucial downtime– keeping everything at peak efficiency just like it should be.

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Our Sensors



Gateways act as bridges between sensors/devices and the cloud.
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Industrial Sensors

Industrial sensors provide real-time analysis for industrial automation to streamline communication and instrument data.
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Traditional Sensors

Designed to make a business owner's life easier by adjusting room temperatures, detecting equipment failures, and much more!
Restaurants & Food Service
Lab & Pharmaceutical
Critical Machinery
Food Manufacturing
Industrial Manufacturing
Refrigeration & Freezer
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Choose Your Industry

SureSensor provides a device that is universal to any industry. Whether you need to maintain the temperature in your refrigeration system to reduce product spoilage, monitor water pressure in your plumbing system, or ensure the correct temperature for vaccines and medicines, SureSensor provides comprehensive service for any remote monitoring needs.

What Clients say about our Services

SureSensor Case Study

Hilton Hotels

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SureSensor Case Study

Hilton Hotels

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