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SureSensor’s monitoring device combined with our in-depth data analysis software gives you all the information you need to keep your business up and running.

No matter what you need monitoring, our devices are universal and will be able to help you in maintaining the homeostasis of your facilities. You can monitor:

Smart farming using modern technologies in agriculture

benefits for businesses through remote data analysis and responsive feedback

SureSensor provides devices that are multifunctional, providing a myriad of benefits for businesses through remote data analysis and responsive feedback to keep operations running efficiently. 

Accessible Data Monitoring

Through our analytics dashboard, set parameters for monitoring, look at detailed analytics, and receive notifications when our system identifies a problem.

Universal Usage

Our devices are universal, meaning whatever you need monitored, we can integrate our system to do so.

Go Digital With Data Entry

Long gone are the days of manually entering data. With SureSensor, all data is recorded and easily accessible, saving you time.

Centralized Station For Data

SureSensor places all your data in one centralized location on our analytics dashboard, making it as easy as a couple of clicks to stay up to speed on what is going on.

User Friendly System

Our system is user-friendly. Whether you are on a computer or using our mobile app, we take pride in delivering to you a program that is easy to use and makes sense.

Detect Issues BEFORE They Happen

Our system is constantly analyzing what is going on and notifies when things are just beginning to turn south. This preventative approach to data monitoring allows you to minimize issues and save money.

as the market accelerates, the merits of monitoring and measuring remote assets and parameters, sensor technology advances.

formed by the innovation of monitoring

Sensor Monitoring is fueled by the newly discovered value of predictive analytics and formed by the innovation of monitoring many diverse data points from a single platform. As a result, the technology of the hardware and sensors that convert analog information to digital data is also changing, as if to herald a modern-day industrial rebirth.

data processing and analysis to occur at or near the source

Smart sensor computing capabilities have significantly improved, allowing data processing and analysis to occur at or near the source (edge computing) and minimizing the quantity of data between the device and platform. The development of micro-electro-mechanical systems technology enables “compact, higher functioning smart sensors by successfully combining microelectronic operations in a tiny area.

Sensors and sensing technology offer Exceptional advantages

The advantages include predictive and preventative maintenance. They ensure that measurement data is communicated more quickly while improving accuracy while boosting process control and asset health.

real-time, continuous data feeds from assets and operations

A new generation of sensors is capable of wired and wireless transmission, allowing for real-time, continuous data feeds from assets and operations. This sensor provides executives with a more comprehensive perspective of a processing facility. Sensor-enabled businesses are more connected, secure, and agile than ever before.

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The sensors dashboard view gives the user a central location to monitor and operate their linked sensors and actuators.
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SureSensor includes access to certified technicians for support and all your needs to monitor your essential business systems.