SureSensor centralized dashboard view gives the user a central location to monitor and operate their linked sensors

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How does our monitoring collect data?

A sensor is an input device that estimates data about the physical environment. The sensor sends this information to a computer system, which processes it. If necessary, an output can be triggered as a response once the data has been processed.

Where is the data stored?

The information is all documented within the software’s consolidated cloud-based dashboard. In your personalized data center, data is collected and monitored in real-time. You can watch all sensors, alarms, cameras, and reports from one location, allowing you to focus on higher-level objectives.

continuous supervision

Our cloud-based dashboard offers continuous supervision of remote temperature and monitoring procedures, whether the settings or assets are onsite or in transit.

Incident Reports

Incident reports and corrective action logs, for example, make it easier to keep track of cross-team processes and productivity.

Automated Network

With our cloud-based solution for automated network updates and sensor advancements.

Accesiblity, Anytime

Know if your quality, security, and compliance objectives are being met—or get a push notification if there are hazards at your facilities.

Automate Manual Recording with just a few steps