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Why Refrigeration Monitoring Systems Will Save And Grow Your Business! 

If you are in the food service industry, you know the frustration that comes with ensuring your products stay fresh. As time has passed through generations, food storage and preservation continues to evolve in order to meet the ever-growing demand for food that needs to be kept at the optimal temperature to remain fresh.

New technology is surfacing that removes the need for an individual to personally record and monitor the status of food that is refrigerated. This technology is Refrigeration Monitoring Systems which ultimately will help you save money by protecting your food from spoiling and ultimately help you grow your business. 

These storage refrigeration systems have become important and necessary in the food service industry. These systems provide a massive benefit to the storage and transportation of food products to prevent bacteria production and spoiling. The limitations of keeping food fresh while in storage and transportation have been eliminated due to this technology.

24/7 Refrigeration Monitoring Systems

With refrigeration monitoring systems, one is able to monitor food around the clock! It is as simple as opening an app or logging onto your computer to access a dashboard to check on your product. By allowing the ability to monitor temperature and even humidity in real-time, operators can identify if and when their perishable inventory is entering a temperature zone that would cause them to spoil.  Various food industries call these conditions the food safety danger zone. 


The best part about refrigeration monitoring systems is they provide preventative measures for spoiling. They not only notify you when your system is in the danger zone, but because monitoring is 24/7, these systems are able to take the data you would normally have to record and analyze and let you know if anything is irregular. This means that it detects subtle changes that could potentially grow into a bigger problem so that you can have a technician fix the issue.

Real-Time Updates and Reports - Say Goodbye To Manual Recording!

Technology is amazing in the sense that it takes away menial tasks that prevent us from doing what we really need to. The time-consuming task of checking on your refrigeration systems is now automated, providing updates and reporting with temperature monitoring systems. You will receive alerts via text and email immediately when the monitoring system detects anything unusual. You also have the ability to look at data charts created by the system so you can look at trends and stay well informed on the safety of your food products.

Applications of Refrigeration Monitoring Systems - Protect Your Investment

The most common application, which has been heavily discussed, is the food service industry. Keeping your products fresh will keep money in your pockets, allowing you to grow your business to new levels. Accurate data monitoring and recording through refrigeration monitoring systems is the key and it is recommended for any business that needs to store or transport perishable foods. 

The greatest part about this monitoring system is that it is not only limited to food storage and transportation. There are many other applications for refrigeration mentoring systems that will provide the same level of benefits in other industries. These industries include but are not limited to:

  • Hospitals 
  • Labs
  • Assisted Living Facilities

If you are interested in saving money and keeping your products at the right temperatures, then click here to learn more about starting today with refrigeration monitoring systems at SureSensor.

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