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Refrigeration Monitoring

Refrigeration monitoring is essential to keep food fresh and help maintain optimal temperatures autonomously. However, they also require constant maintenance. Learn more about food service refrigeration monitoring here!

24/7 refrigeration monitoring solutions

Refrigeration monitoring solutions from SureSensor provide continuous 24/7 monitoring of your refrigeration assets and will alert you if temperature ranges begin to exceed or fall below the levels required for compliance. Monitoring may include power consumption, door open/close, vibration, and other critical indicators.

Preserve your chilled or frozen inventory with a refrigeration monitoring

Simplify temperature monitoring across your business’s refrigeration and cold storage. Refrigeration monitoring remotely for live updates on refrigerator performance with SureSensor. You don’t need to be worried about your refrigerators or freezers failing while you’re not around. Automatically recording data, sounding high freezer temperature alarms, and sending cooler temp alerts to your phone.

What is refrigeration monitoring?

Refrigeration monitoring is a process of monitoring the performance of a refrigeration system. The method includes checking the temperature, pressure, and humidity of the refrigerant to make sure that it is performing as desired. The system’s performance is checked against set parameters and corrective measures are taken if necessary.

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Monitoring refrigeration systems have many benefits, such as reduced energy use, reduced maintenance costs, increased productivity, and improved product quality.f

Types of failures detected by our refrigeration monitoring sensors


Manage any refrigeration unit from your phone remotely and configure settings to ignore periodic defrost cycles or rise in cooler temperatures when the door is open, minimizing false freezer alarms.

Open/Close Status

Configure settings to let you know if a refrigerator or freezer door has been open for an excessive amount of time and ignore false alarms resulting from shorter periods of activity.

AC Current Meters

Monitor the power draw and alert you the moment failure is detected. Sharp spikes could forecast overwork issues with your system. Knowing about their frequency could help you avoid power-related problems down the road.

Humidity Control

Monitors the percent of moisture in the air and temperature to keep your system running smoothly.

Water Detection

They’re instrumental in preventing employee slip and fall accidents and losing inventory due to a severe malfunction or temperature excursion and thawing event.

Motion Detection

Our sensors detect the activity around your fridge or freezer to prevent loss prevention and regulate access if the unit is restricted.

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